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Close Your Legs, Honey

On today’s podcast, Hanna Parke and Shamus McCarty drop in to talk about the new musical and FringeArts offering, “Close Your Legs, Honey”. The creative team talk about origins, songs, who’s this for and lessons learned on this blitz to Fringe presentation. Stay Tuned!

She’s plucked, she’s pinched, she’s ready to go! Join Honey and her foul-mouthed Mama as they take on an army of pint-sized glamazons for Grand Supreme glory. Close Your Legs, Honey, created by Hannah Parke and Shamus Hunter McCarty, looks at how we teach and who we idolize through a high-glitz Southern beauty pageant extravaganza! Will Honey have what it takes to earn the crown and the chance to meet her idol Dolly Parton? Mama say a prayer!

Book, Music & Lyrics by Hannah Parke & Shamus Hunter McCarty

Additional Music by Matthew Mastronardi

FOR TICKETS AND INFORMATION: https://www.closeyourlegshoney.com

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: ​The Fringe Festival, presented by FringeArts, is a 17-day-long performing arts celebration taking over Philadelphia in September and boasting hundreds of performances by local, national and international artists. The party continues every night with FringeArts’ Late Night programming in its beautiful venue on the Delaware waterfront – which houses the La Peg restaurant and bar, as well as a spectacular outdoor beer garden. FringeArts amplifies the cultural vibrancy of Philadelphia year-round by presenting the most cutting-edge, world-class performances from all over the world, cultivating local arts innovators, and creating a fun atmosphere for artists and art lovers alike to socialize, converse, and strengthen Philadelphia’s artistic community.


Hey! “Shut Your Worm Hole”!

Today’s podcast features Terry Brennan, Artistic Director of Tribe Of Fools. We catch up with Terry to talk about his company’s PIFA offering, “Shut Your Worm Hole”. Stay Tuned!

Terry Brennan talks about the Tribe Of Fools PIFA production.
Terry Brennan talks about the Tribe Of Fools PIFA production.


APRIL 04 – 23
Commonwealth Plaza
300 S. Broad Street
Phila, PA 19102

Tuesday – Sunday at 5:30pm
Special Showings April 23 – 26 at 5:00pm

If you had a time machine where would you go? Once you were there, could you return to the present? What if you found out that your trip to the past indirectly caused Jean-Claude Van Dam to become president? Shut Your Wormhole is a comic romp into the ethics and paradoxes of time travel.

Scarlet, a scientist at UPenn has invented the first time machine by manipulating wormholes – microscopic tears in the space-time continuum. Within moments of her first successful test she is visited by Karen, a woman from 2062 sent back on a political mission to take control of the zero-hour – the hour the first time machine is operational – in an attempt to control the political landscape of the future. But just as Scarlet is about to decide whether or not to assist Karen, the two are visited by travelers from even further in the future, each of them trying to thwart their predecessors.

Using song, dance, and slapstick, Tribe of Fools create a fast-paced, five-part serial that comically explores the paradoxes that we often overlook when we think about time travel and the ethics that inevitably come along with the technology to change history.





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