Into The Absurd with Tina Brock

On today’s podcast, Tina Brock recaps the season of Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium(IRC) and prepares to go “Into The Absurd”, a staged reading series that focuses of the dialogue and fosters conversation with the audience getting to know IRC. Stay Tuned!



Sounds of Silence: Radio Plays by Beckett and Pinter features two works originally written for radio: Samuel Beckett’s Rough for Radio II and Harold Pinter’s Family Voices.  The pair will be brought to life Sunday, July 24 @ 7:30 pm at LEtage Cabaret by IRC performers Andrew Carroll, Tina Brock, David Stanger and Bob Schmidt.  Admission is free, with Pay What You Can contributions accepted.

Seating is limited, tickets are suggested:

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Push the button, to “Jamaica”!

On today’s podcast, we take a trip to North Philadelphia’s New Freedom Theatre to chat with Guest Artistic Director, Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj recap his season and talk about the current production, “Jamaica”. Stay Tuned.



A small island off the coast of Jamaica, tells about a simple island community fighting to avoid being overrun by American commercialism. A beautiful island girl, Savannah, longs to escape to New York City to live a life of modern conveniences. She is tempted to accept the marriage proposal of a New York businessman visiting the island. However, when an impoverished fisherman, Koli, saves her younger brother’s life during a hurricane, she opts to remain with him.

Arlen’s music parodies the popular form of Calypso, which was popular in the 1950’s, largely as a result of the popularity of Harry Belafonte, for whom the musical was originally written. Belafonte withdrew from the production due to illness, and the musical was then tailored around the talents of Lena Horne.

This exciting musical comedy is directed and choreographed by award-winning artist, educator and activist Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj.


Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj is an Indo-Caribbean American artist, educator and activist. He was hailed in the New York Times as “one of the most talented directors in New York these days”. His is currently the Resident Guest Artistic Director of the historic and award-winning Freedom Theatre in Philadelphia. He is also the Producing Artistic Director of Rebel Theater Company (Brooklyn, NY)


“Siding with Time” – R.Eric Thomas

Today’s podcast welcomes back R.Eric Thomas to talk about the upcoming production of “Time Is On Our Side” which, he created with Simpatico Theatre Project. We talk about the journey from idea to the stage, discuss the themes of the piece and reminisce about the LGBT+ community of past, present and future. Stay Tuned!








Annie loves the past. Curtis lives for the future. Together they host The Schuylkill River Project, Philly’s hottest history podcast…at least among its dozen listeners. When an unearthed artifact reveals a buried story, the political suddenly gets personal for our queer co-hosts. Bouncing from the Underground Railroad to the LGBT+ rights movement to pop culture futurity, playwright R. Eric Thomas exquisitely matches humor with heart in Time Is On Our Side, delivering a gleeful mystery that celebrates the intersection of our city’s past, present and future.


The Invisible Hand

Today’s podcast features actor J. Paul Nicholas, part of the ensemble for Theatre Exile’s production of The Invisible Hand by Ayad Akhtar. We tread lightly on the productions particulars, tap into politics and explore the conversations that surround this well-executed production directed by Matt Pfeiffer. Stay Tuned!

Theatre Exile presents The Invisible Hand by Pulitzer Prize winner Ayad Akhtar now through Sunday, June 5, 2016 at Studio X. Left to right: Ian Merrill Peakes, J Paul Nicholas and Anthony Mustafa Adair. Credit Paola Nogueras.
Theatre Exile presents The Invisible Hand by Pulitzer Prize winner Ayad Akhtar now through Sunday, June 5, 2016 at Studio X. Left to right: Ian Merrill Peakes, J Paul Nicholas and Anthony Mustafa Adair. Credit Paola Nogueras.

Nick Bright, a highly successful player at a major investment bank is kidnapped and held for ransom by an Islamic militant group. As he awaits his fate in remote Pakistan and with no one negotiating for his release, he must take matters into his own hands.  Full of questionable alliances and moral bargaining, this Philadelphia premiere is a chilling examination of how far we will go to survive and the consequences of the choices we make.


SoLow Promos – 2016

SoLow Festival 2016 – SIGNS OF LIFE – Mixtape

SoLow Festival





Searching for SIGNS OF LIFE…anybody home?

Every year, we encourage SoLow Artists to send us a sound byte explaining the why, who, what, where and when about your upcoming production. These audio clips should be no longer than 5 minutes and can be as creative or as simplistic as you want them to be. Once compiled, we will create a special REP RADIO podcast featuring those clips to help promote the festival. All submissions should be received by Friday, June 10th at midnight. If you are interested in sharing your voice with us, visit our special link for more information.


Stay Tuned! REP RADIO is On The Air!

1812 “Will Not Go Gently”

On today’s podcast, our 7th Season Premiere features Artistic Director, Writer and Performer, Jen Childs. We talk about the latest 1812 offering, “I Will Not Go Gently” where a stellar team of creatives breathe life into the faded career of “Sierra Mist”. We also nerd out about a few other notable musicians and I totally “fanboy” all of Jen and the great work at 1812. Stay Tuned!


A rock ‘n’ roll queen returns for her crown in I Will Not Go Gently, a world premiere comedy written and performed by Jennifer Childs. This play with music tells the story of fictional ‘80s rock icon Sierra Mist and the spirit of rebellion embodied in her music. Sierra has gone from top of the charts to middle aged obscurity, leaving behind a legion of fans for whom her songs were the anthems of their adolescence.



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