Rebroadcast: LIZZIE

On today’s podcast, I and my hoodie of the day, made our way to South Philly to hangout with 11th Hour Theatre Company to talk about the upcoming production of LIZZIE. Director Kate Galvin and Alex Keiper take us back to the Next Steps Concert Series and return to the present as they prepare to eke are the production with 11th Hour touches. We also talk about their trip to Fall River, Mass, the position of women past and present, an artistic focus on 2017 and what they look forward to in the new year. Stay Tuned.


“Lizzie Borden took an axe, gave her mother forty whacks…” August, 1892 – a young woman commits an unspeakable crime. She is brought to trial, but with no witnesses and scant evidence, how could a jury possibly believe her capable of such violence? In this rock retelling of the infamous Lizzie Borden story, four fierce actresses bring you the legend as you’ve never heard it before!

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Lantern’s Coriolanus

On today’s podcast, I return to Lantern Theater Company to talk with Artistic Director, Charles McMahon about Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus”. As if the staging was not enough, Lantern has provided additional content on their website for those wishing to dig deep into the politics of the play, even drawing comparisons of Coriolanus to Alexander Hamilton.  Stay Tuned!

Pictured: Mary Lee Bednarek as Virgilia and Robert Lyons as Coriolanus in Lantern Theater Company’s production of Coriolanus by William Shakespeare, onstage now through April 16, 2017. Photo by Mark Garvin.


Famine threatens Rome, and the people’s hunger swells to an appetite for political change. A war hero from a powerful family, Coriolanus seems destined to be elected consul – but the people find his pride an unforgivable insult, exploding the long-simmering tensions between the fracturing state’s governing elite and deprived masses. This timely story of radical class division is also a compelling psychological portrait of Coriolanus and his politically savvy mother, Volumnia, played by internationally acclaimed actress, director, and author Tina Packer.


Inside Douglas Williams

On today’s podcast, I delve inside the mind of Douglas Williams, whose play, the Barrymore Recommended “Shitheads” is being produced by Azuka Theatre Company, where he is an Artist-in-Residence. This Temple grad and Orbiter3 member has been making waves this season. So, I sat down with him to discover his origins and future plans. Stay Tuned!

Photo Credit: Plate 3 Photography


(From Douglas is a Playwright-In-Residence at Azuka Theatre and a founding member of Orbiter 3, a playwrights producing collective. Plays include Moon Cave(Azuka Theatre), Breathe Smoke (The Painted Bride & Orbiter 3) and Waterboarding But Fun.

Williams has had two plays developed at PlayPenn (Moon Cave, Shitheads) both under the direction of Kevin Glaccum. He was a finalist for the Lark’s Playwrights Week, the Bay Area Playwrights Festival, and InterAct’s 20/20 Commission. His plays have also been developed at Bristol Riverside Theatre, New York Theatre Experiment, Act II Playhouse, Distilled Theatre Company, and the Philadelphia New Play Initiative.

Williams’ experimental and collaborative work has been produced in the SoLow Fest (Four’s the Floor, Solstice) and the FringeArts Festival (Holly’s Dead Soldiers, Safe Space). Playwright Sam Shepard presented him with the Silver Award from the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts.

Williams is a former member of the Foundry, a lab for new plays, and a company member of the Apocalypse Club. He is a graduate of Temple University.

ABOUT SHITHEADS (Barrymore Recommended)

Bert’s Bikes and Sports, a neighborhood bike shop in lower Manhattan, is on its last leg. Customers have vanished, the shop across the street is poaching their best mechanics, and the new guy they just hired doesn’t even own a bike. Now that Alex has finally been promoted to manager, he’ll need to get creative in order to save the shop he loves — and he just so happens to have an idea that could bring Bert’s back from the dead…


Rebroadcast: White Pines – Ben Lloyd

On today’s podcast, I venture to Elkins Park to get to know White Pines Productions. Artistic Director, Ben Lloyd takes us through the history of White Pines as the next “Bright Nights Dinner Theater” approaches. We also talk about what’s coming up in the season. Stay Tuned!



White Pines Productions, Inc. is dedicated to transforming people’s lives through performance creativity. We do this by nurturing the citizen artist, who is committed to using his/her creative gifts in service to communities.

We offer classes and workshops in the performing arts to all ages including children, adults, seniors and people with special needs; we present shows performed by our ensemble, Bright Invention; we offer special programs off-site such as corporate training and development, and special Bright Invention shows for schools and groups; and we offer support to other artists through residencies and special programs.

Setting the Scenes with Paul Kuhn

On today’s podcast, while “Waiting For Godot”, I ran into Paul Kuhn and we had a chat about the many memorable scenic designs of Curio Theatre Company. While Paul gets the credit, he reminds us that it takes a village to create the worlds that immerse the audience and even gives some tips on how not to limit your ideas. Stay Tuned!

Paul Kuhn – “Waiting For Godot” – Curio Theatre Company


Dan Hodge, company member and director of Curio’s 2016 Barrymore recommended production of Death of a Salesman,  returns to direct the absurdist classic, Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett.

Meet Vladimir and Estragon on a country road as they await the coming of Godot. How long they wait, who else they meet, and if Godot shall ever arrive, is the matter of much banter, antics and reverie. Considered one of the most significant plays of the 20th century, Samuel Beckett’s tragicomic masterpiece is funny, poignant, soulful and hilarious.

Brian McCann, Paul Kuhn
Robert DaPonte and Harry Slack

Set Design- Paul Kuhn
Lighting Design- Tim Martin
Sound Design- Kyle Yackoski
Costume Design- Aetna Gallagher


Curio Theatre Company’s mission is to serve audiences in West Philadelphia and beyond with high quality, affordable theatre performances; to develop artistic talent through ensemble, company-based training and rehearsal processes; and to further academic, social, and personal development through arts education. The artistic and the educational arms of the theatre company are intertwined as we make our home in the diverse community of West Philadelphia.