Rebroadcast: BSR Podcast – Arts Funding – Who Should Pay?

On today’s podcast, we return to the Broad Street Review panel discussion, ‘Arts Funding: Who Should Pay?’ This discussion took place on May 15, 2017 at the Caplan Recital Hall at UARTS.

Broad Street Review in cooperation with the Corzo Center at The University of the Arts presents ‘Arts Funding: Who Should Pay?’




Wendy Rosenfield — Editor,, Moderator                     Greg Maughan – Founder of PHIT Comedy
John Orr – Executive Director of Art-Reach in Philadelphia
Kile Smith – Composer, WRTI and Broad Street Review contributor
Amy Smith – Co-Director, Headlong Dance Theater – Master Lecturer U Arts
Valerie V Gay — Executive Director, ART SANCTUARY events are FREE to anyone making a donation during the past year. Stay Tuned for future events.

Rebroadcast: WHITE – James Ijames

On today’s podcast, on a beautiful night in Old City, I caught up with James Ijames, whose star is shining so brightly right now with his latest production of WHITE, onstage at Theatre Horizon. We talk about the production’s journey and what motivates him to create the work he does. Stay Tuned.


Gus is an artist. He’s just not a famousartist. So when a major art museum puts out a call for “new perspectives,” Gus—a white man—decides to seize his opportunity. He hires a black actress to present his work as her own, but as the actress gets more deeply into her role, Gus’s scheme spirals out of his control. Award-winning Philadelphia playwright James Ijames challenges assumptions about race, gender, identity and art in this seriously funny new comedy.


Rebroadcast: Inis Nua’s “Swallow”

On today’s podcast, I check in on Inis Nua’s production of “Swallow”. I was able to catch playwright, Stef Smith and director, Claire Moyer to talk about how these characters made their way from page to stage. Stay Tuned!









Anna feels a bit of herself fall away every day. Rebecca teeters on the edge after a breakup, wondering who she is on her own. Sam wants to step forward to meet the future. These three strangers’ fragile connections with each other might lead to a shift in their worlds. Stepping or falling, sometimes there is no difference.


Rebroadcast: The Arsonists

On today’s podcast, Jacqueline Goldfinger talks about her latest production, “The Arsonists”, which will receive an NNPN Rolling World Premiere! We talk about the process of putting this piece together as she finishes her “Southern Gothic” trilogy which included “The Terrible Girls” and “Skin and Bone”. Stay Tuned!


When M loses her father in an arson gone wrong, she goes on a journey with his ghost to reclaim her life and reframe his memory. Set deep in a Florida swamp, The Arsonists is a lyrical Southern Gothic myth about a father-daughter arson team deconstructing their personal demons. Inspired by the Greek tragedy Electra, this play with music explores the relationship between parent and child in that small space between life and death, the last breath before the awakening. The final play in Goldfinger’s Southern Gothic trilogy, which began with the terrible girls and Skin & Bone, The Arsonists is the 2016 Runner Up for the Leah Ryan Prize and was developed at The Kennedy Center.


Rebroadcast: We The Detectives

On today’s podcast, Whit MacLaughlin, Artistic Director of New Paradise Laboratories stops by to talk about GUMSHOE 101, a collaboration with the Free library of Philadelphia and the Rosenbach. This immersive experience takes you on a tour of the Free Library’s bones in an effort to find the truth. Stay Tuned!



New Paradise Laboratories invites you into an immersive adventure in detection. GUMSHOE is also an expedition into the treasures of the great Parkway Central Library. It will blend disguise, subterfuge, infiltration, half-truths, and bald-faced lies, to get to the bottom of a crime that hasn’t yet happened. We’ll lead you through secret doors and down escape hatches, both real and imagined, into the underbelly of the building. The truth of life is its mystery.