Kirsten Quinn – Irish Heritage Theatre

On today’s podcast, I sit down with Kirsten Quinn, President of the board of directors of Irish Heritage Theatre. We discuss the many hats she wears, working in the greater Philadelphia theatre community and the next production “The Women of Ireland”. Stay Tuned!


The IHT continues its season with a timely exploration of the lives of Irish women with a host of beautiful plays featuring great female characters directed by three fierce female directors: Tori Mittelman, Marcia Ferguson and Tina Brock. We begin with the heartbreaking tragedy of Riders to the Sea by John Millington Synge (directed by Tori Mittelman), in which Maurya has lost her husband and most of her sons to the unrelenting sea and now fears the worst for her other two sons. Her daughters struggle with how they will share the truth with Maurya without destroying what is left of this strong, powerful woman. In Cathleen Ni Houlihan by Lady Gregory and W.B. Yeats, a mysterious old woman visits the Gillane family and it is soon clear that she is the much abused Mother Ireland calling for the ultimate sacrifice in the fight for Irish independence. Finally, we have four contemporary shorts by female playwrights from Fishamble’s Tiny Plays for Ireland: Poster Boy by Antonia Hart, Commiserations by Niamh Creely, Hearts by Lucy Montague-Moffat, and Joan Ryan’s Isolation (all directed by Tina Brock). All of these plays explore women’s lives in modern Irish society in ways that are simultaneously smart, funny and insightful.

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Dedicated to presenting and preserving the rich legacy of Irish theatre that has been created both in Ireland and during the long history of the Irish in American theatre. The IHT will expand the opportunities of the Philadelphia public to enjoy and benefit from the abundance of laughter, the emotional richness, the inventive language and depth of perception about humankind’s predicaments that the fullness of Irish Theatre presents.

Love, Lies and Taxidermy – Inis Nua

On today’s podcast, I head on over to Inis Nua Theatre Company to meet with Artistic Director, Tom Reing and playwright, Alan Harris, who made the trip across the pond to witness the American Premiere of his play, “Love Lies and Taxidermy”. Stay Tuned!










Valentyn can’t decide which is worse—the teenage anguish of his unfulfilled love for Ashley or the dire predicaments of both their parents. Throw in an ice cream truck, a possible soft core porn movie and some of the more bizarre uses of taxidermy for a funny and endearing picture of young love and middle-aged longing, brought to life in a claustrophobic small town in Wales.


Part of Philly Theatre Week


Doppelbanger – Nick Joncazk

On today’s podcast, Nick Jonczak stopped by to talk about the return of his Fringe production, “Doppelbanger”, diving into the complexities of dating in the GLBTQIAA…community. Finding oneself through someone else can lead to surface similarities as this piece deals with gay obsession, identity trauma and joy. Stay Tuned!






Philadelphia physical theatre artist and producer, Nick Jonczak, will perform Doppelbanger, an original solo performance embodying gay obsession, identity, trauma, and joy for Philly Theatre Week at Mascher Space Cooperative.

Do I want to be him, or do I want to be with him?
In this multimedia solo performance, Jonczak reshaped his body one piece at a time with his favorite parts of ex-lovers.

General admission at the door is $20. Discounted advance tickets are also available online for $15 at

If you or someone you know is not able to afford the price of a ticket, please contact Nick to arrange accommodations. No one will be turned away due to low-income.

Friday, February 9 at 7:00PM
Saturday, February 10 at 7:00PM
Sunday, February 11 at 7:00PM


Part of Philly Theatre Week


The Black Panther Project: A Living Oral History

On today’s podcast, we catch up with Theatre In The X and Iron Age Theatre for the collaborative effort and Philly Theatre Week offering, “The Black Panther Project: A Living Oral History”. The production shines a light of the worker bees of the movement and displays how their impact helped steer the conversations of racial and social justice. Stay Tuned!







Iron Age Theatre is collaborating with Theatre in the X to give voice to the Black Panther Party during Black History Month. This evening of performances presents oral histories of the Black Panthers from a ground level perspective telling many unheard stories of the Panther efforts for racial and social justice.

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Directed by Eric Carter, Walter DeShields and John Doyle.
Part of Philadelphia Theatre Week

Terri Shockley, LaNeshe L. White, Carlo Campbell, Niya Colbert, Brian Anthony Wilson, Darryl Bell, Sam Kedebe, Brad S Rich, Tinuke Oyefule, Richard Chan, and Maurice Tucker.

Iron Age Theatre has produced theatre focused on the common man and justice for almost 30 year and Theatre in the X has been making theatre available to the common man in underserved communities for the past five years. Iron Age’s diverse approach to theatrical work has offered opportunities for progressive stories to be shared with audiences to shake their preconceptions. Theatre in the X brings African-American theatre with new and veteran Philadelphia talent to West Philly in Parks for free. Both groups share a common vision of working with under appreciated actors, playwrights an communities.


Part of Philly Theatre Week


The Ideal Candidate – New City Stage Company

On today’s podcast, Ginger Aña Dayla joins to talk about New City Stage Company’s work in progress, “The Ideal Candidate”. The political pop-up dinner performance feels plucked from today’s news cycle and is part of Philly Theatre Week. Stay Tuned!









Republican Senator Eugene Worthington is ready to retire from a life of public service but needs to help his fiancée, conservative Las Vegas Mayor Belinda Schwartz win his seat while also getting his healthcare bill through. Everything seems fine until a harmless chance meeting with adult film star Krystal Myst spurs a torrent of media attention. Krystal wonders if perhaps the best person to represent the great state of Nevada… is her? Set in the very current political environment where rules were made to be broken, “The Ideal Candidate” examines what happens when a non-traditional office seeker tests the limits of what is normal, what is right, what will sell and where do we go from here.


Part of Philly Theatre Week